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Everything You Need To Know About Boho Baby Mobile

While a baby mobile is certainly not a necessity, most parents feel that baby mobiles come in handy for both entertainment and sleeping purposes. A baby mobile can serve as a pleasant and relaxing distraction whether your baby is in the crib or on the go. Most mobiles made for infants are considered safe. However, it’s important to make sure that the object is out of reach for your child in case certain pieces of mobile could pose choking hazards.  But at The Boho Culture Co, we offer the best and least harmful baby mobiles. Our baby mobiles are handmade which gives you the least chance of any sort of risks. There are items you buy for your baby’s nursery because they are beautiful and there comes items you buy because they are beneficial. 

boho baby mobile

DIY Boho Baby Mobile Tutorial

People are eager to learn about how to make a Boho Baby Mobile. Even though baby mobiles hang over a baby’s sleep space, they are not actually intended to lull your baby to sleep. Instead, baby mobiles are designed to gently stimulate your baby’s brain, and visual and motor development. Ceiling mobile Provides visual stimulation for babies and can help calm and soothe them in their cribs. They are also beautiful pieces of nursery decor that can be designed to fit any style. And if you’re not finding what you’re looking for -  or if you just want to put your artistic skills to use, it’s quite easy to make your own. 

There is a variety of different ways to make a DIY crib mobile, and lots of materials that you can use to do so- including paper, ribbon, felt fabric, and beads. For our purposes here, we’re going to cover how to make a basic DIY mobile using pre-purchased felt pom poms, though if you’re up for a bigger challenge you can use many different and unique materials. Whether for your own little one or as a gift, DIY baby mobiles are fun and don’t require too much practice to get right. They are also a great rainy day project to work on with kids. You might ask, what supplies do you need to make DIY baby mobiles? You will only need a handful of simple tools and materials to make your DIY crib mobile, all of which you should either have on hand or will be available at your local craft supply store. 

  • Embroidery Hoop: (just the inner hoop) or you can also take any other type of hoop to hang your other materials over it. This is the base of any baby mobile. Make sure to make it edge-free. If you are using a wooden hoop, always make sure the wood is plain without any pointy or edgy cuts to it to prevent risks.
  • Embroidery Floss or Strip: The strip of your baby Mobile should be strong to hold other materials on it. You can decorate it later with beads and other fancy objects. 
  • Felted Pom-Pom: Make sure to pick light colors on your pom poms and they should be edge free too.
  • Needle And Scissor: The final stuff you need is just a needle and a scissor to make your pieces of materials into a perfect-looking baby mobile. Just give the final touch and sew the materials together and create the best baby mobile for your kids.

Safety is always a top priority whenever you are creating something for your baby’s room. We have put this quick list of baby’s mobile-making materials so that you can be sure your DIY project is okay to hang up and enjoy. You always have the option to buy Baby Mobile from The Boho Culture Co. Moreover, you hang the baby Boho Mobile anywhere. Around your balcony, gallery, foyers, or baby crib. And Boho Culture Co promises a high standard of quality.

boho-inspired baby mobile

Top 5 Boho-Inspired Baby Mobiles to Buy 

Young kids can’t see very well, so having a baby mobile closer to their face (still out of their reach and touch) will allow them to practice focusing their eyes. And come 3 months, they can begin honing their visual tracking skills, too which simply means following an object with their eyes. The catch of course is using a mobile that offers the right balance of stimulation. The best rules of Boho-inspired baby mobiles to buy are: 

  1. Boho Rainbow Mobile: The best type of baby mobile is having rainbow baby mobile. Our Rainbow baby mobile is very lightweight that certainly prevents any sort of harm even when it falls down. We use beads threads and wood to create this beautiful and adorable piece of baby mobile. The beads and rainbows on this baby mobile are tied firmly. After using this for one baby, you can keep this to use for another baby as well, even after years. Just manage to handle it gently. The colors are neither too dull nor too bright, we have muted and peaceful colors to protect your baby’s eyes and emotional health.
  2. Nursery Cot Mobile With Hanging Bird: One of the best baby mobiles for your baby cot is any mobile with hanging birds on the strips. Birds always give cheerful and positive vibes and it is considered very useful for kids. Kids would love to see such vibrant colors in birds and it will certainly make them cheerful. This nursery Cot Mobile is very firmly woven together which prevents it from falling over your kids. The best part about this baby mobile would be its loving creation with birds. 
  3. Nursery Cot Mobile With Vegetables And Fruits: The other best idea for your kid's cot mobile would be hanging vegetables and fruits over it. Fruits always give a loving and pleasant vibe, you can choose this for your baby's Mobile safety. And you will always find these fruits and vegetables in fabric with contrasting colors in it to develop your baby’s motor skills. And both fruits and vegetables do not weigh so much in fabric. But never choose too bright colors in it.
  4. Teddy Cot Mobile Set: Kids always love teddy bear whether it’s boys or girls. When they are infants, they would love a soft cute teddy with muted colors Hanging on their baby mobile. And teddy is always made with soft cotton, so it gives you an upper hand because it will not hurt your kids even when it falls or when your kids touch it. 
  5. Black And White Cot Mobile Set For Newborn: Doctors say that when babies are newborn, the first color that attracts their eyes is black and white. These are the primary contrasting colors. You can choose these colors in moon and cloud designs hanging on a baby mobile. These contrasting colors will help in your kid’s motor development. You can so add stars to your baby Mobile set with these colors. 

These are the five different kinds of baby mobiles you can choose for your gifts and you can also gift these to your loved ones. The important point to note is that always choose these mobiles with muted colors and decent designs that should not harm your baby’s eyes or their mental health.

Boho Baby Mobiles: Trending Colors and Designs

Baby mobiles are one of the oldest tricks of the trade when it comes to captivating the attention of young infants and helping them to drift off to sleep. The Boho Culture Co offers you mobile with accurate colors. They are simple, affordable, easy to hang, and best of all your baby will live them. Baby mobiles serve as a stimulant for your baby as their vision develops from seeing only close up to far away, and from black and white (before you know it) to full-color dimensions. Some baby mobiles help relax and soothe babies, especially the kind with muted colors and simple designs. A pattern that plays soft music or creates a soft environment by looking at it. 

Since babies’ eyes are still developing, it’s much easier for them to practice their visual exercises with not too high or not low contrast objects. That means that mobiles that have a combination of opposite colors of a dark one and a light one will be more beneficial. Such as black, white, blue, or as we offer in The Boho Culture Co, the off-white and cream color contrasting with dark brown color. These colors are neither too light to fail to put any impression nor too dark to harm your baby’s eyes. At Boho Culture Co, you will find the accurate quality. These contrasting colors send the strongest signals to a baby’s brain to help stimulate the baby’s growth and aid in visual development as suggested by doctors. When it comes to creating a visually stimulating black and white nursery, the possibilities are endless. Reports also say, too bright colors make the baby cry. It gets harsh on their delicate eyes. It was all about color. 

When it comes to design, you should always pick simple and easy shapes for your baby. A shape that your baby can learn. Do not choose a pattern too tricky as Rubik's cube, or too simple with just the shapes of a triangle and a circle. Always pick up different shapes and patterned baby mobiles that will help in the baby’s motor skills. One thing you should always note is never picked any shape that has sharp edges or that the shape weighs too heavily. It is a risk to pick such designs and styles for your kid's mobile. The shapes and designs of baby’s mobiles should create a positive environment with soft vibes, such as a Rainbow. 

A baby would love nothing more than a beautiful Rainbow in their baby mobile. Rainbow is a perfect shape and design for your baby’s mobile. It does not contain any sharp or strong edges and it is a very simple design that will not contain heavyweight to make it risky for you. If you are looking for the best designs for your baby’s mobile, always try to find circular beads in it. Beads are the ones that catch your baby’s eyes. And apparently, they are totally plain without any sharpness in them. Besides this, other designs you can find in your baby’s mobile can be clouds and sun. Clouds are also very simple designs if it contains the right texture and accurate colors to it. Babies would also love to see small shapes of clouds hanging on their baby mobile. Making clouds in your baby Mobile will also be lightweight but just keep in mind to make it contrasting colors. 

And sun shape designs are also used in many baby mobiles but always use light and contrasting colors in the sun. Too bright colors, such as bright yellow in sun can make your kids uncomfortable and make them cry. You can also find cute stars shape in your baby’s mobile. The stars must be made from fabric and not wood or any hard materials. And it should also be lightweight with contrasting colors to it. 

boho baby mobile

Boho Baby Mobiles: How to Choose the Perfect One for Your Nursery

Baby mobiles are easily found everywhere. But somewhere it is too expensive and somewhere it is cheap but low quality. Not only will your mobile give your baby developing mind plenty to explore, but it is a great way to add a personal design touch go in the room where you will spend so much time. Before buying the perfect baby mobile for your kids, you need to follow a few steps.

  1. Safety: Safety is an important aspect when it comes to kids. When you buy anything for your baby, a dress, a toy, a bed, or a baby mobile, always make sure that it's safe. Many companies offer baby mobile that contains some sort of sharp shapes, which are very dangerous around kids. The best type of baby mobile for kids is handmade. At The Boho Culture Co, you will find the best handmade baby mobile. During creating this beautiful piece of a baby mobile, our craftsman keeps safety in mind since it will be around kids. We ensure to make this baby mobile so safe that, it will not harm your baby even when they touch it (though you should always keep it out of reach for any chance). Handmade and antique items are often a wonderful addition to your baby’s nursery, and also when it comes to your baby’s crib mobile. It is always safe to buy your baby’s mobile from a reputable retailer such as The Boho Culture Co, so you can rest assured that your baby's Mobile meets all manufacturing and safety guidelines. And know that our Boho baby mobile is the only paediatrician-designed mobile especially made to fit safely and securely on your baby’s crib. 
  2. Quality: The Boho Culture Co offers the best baby birthday gifts online in Australia with exceptional quality. From baby’s name disc, candles, baby mobile, and to every other decoration. We offer the best quality to all of our customers, if you do a bulk purchase or even if you do minimal shopping from The Boho Culture Co, it provides the best out of the best quality. None of our products get damaged during shipping and looks very classy, firstly because they contain high quality and secondly because there are experts to deliver your products who take every measurement to do their best. 
  3. Affordability: Affordability is an important aspect when it comes to shopping. Many times customers like the product but hesitate to buy it because of the expense. But The Boho Culture Co offers the best material at a reasonable price. The company is totally budget-oriented and does not charge you irrationally. You can buy your favorite rainbow baby Boho Mobile at the lowest price possible. But keep in mind that cheap is not always the best. Our price of the product matches the quality of the product. And our sole motto is to make high-quality safe products. 
  4. Wide range of options: The Boho Culture Co gives you a wide range of options with colors, types, and amounts for each of the gifts for your kids or upcoming babies. You can find a variety of colors available in each of our baby products and other decorations and then you can customize your amount of order before placing the order. You can find a wide range of variety but all in high quality that reduces the chance of any sort of risk. You can also gift all these items to the mother-to-be for her own decorations in her room, such as the designed candles that would look elegant in any room; or you can gift this baby mobile for baby’s decorations. 
  5. Transparent Process: In business, transparency is important, it assures honesty, being open, and straightforward about company operation, price, sourcing, and business value. This transparent Process gives peace to your mind and it is necessary for the clients to check the transparency process. We are an independent store, that assures you the transparency. And we don’t include any sort of hidden charges. 
  6. Time Maintenance: You can order your Baby Gifts Online Australia from The Boho Culture Co and it always dispatches your products on time, it does not takes unnecessary time and avoids delay. The shipment feature is also amazing in The Boho Culture Co, the delivery takes place as soon as possible with total security. So, order your baby Mobile right now and we will try our best to deliver your order in no time. 
  7. Long Lasting: Durability is one of the most important aspects when it comes to baby presents, gifts, or decorations, you try to keep them safe until the party ends and store the decorations for the next event. It is very useful and does not require you to order again and again. But many times, the products don’t work as the clients wish them to, The Boho Culture Co always takes care of that and offers you the best product that lasts longer. So, if you handle the products or per se the baby Boho mobile for your kids gently, then it would certainly last longer up to years and years. Hold it gently and it will also be useful with your next baby as well.
  8. Refund Policy: Unlike many other companies, The Boho Culture Co provides a refund policy also for the convenience of the customers. The company accepts faulty or damaged products for refund and if you have received something different than your products, then you can apply for a refund within the time given.

Boho Meets Modern: How to Incorporate a Baby Mobile into Your Minimalist Nursery 

You can incorporate baby mobiles around the baby’s surroundings. It is not necessary to hang it on a baby’s cot or a baby’s cradle. You can hang it in the baby’s playroom also. The important thing is to make the baby see it. Hang this baby mobile on the baby crib but make sure to keep it distant from the baby, at least 12 inches. People also like to decorate their balconies, doorways, gallery, or the place where your baby likes to play. Keep it away from the baby’s reach. The Boho baby mobile is beautifully decorated with a rainbow, little beads, and some threads. All of these are made with fine wood without any sharpness in it and it is covered with fabric. The colorful fabric catches your baby’s eyes. You can decorate your baby’s nursery perfectly with a Boho baby mobile. The Boho Culture Co offers you all sorts of decorations that you need for the decoration and incorporation of your baby’s nursery. You can use this in a variety of ways. Our not so traditional and not so modern baby mobile is a perfect combination of both. You can use it anywhere and we promise that your baby is going to love this elegant piece of baby mobile. 

Boho Baby Mobiles: The Benefits and Uses for Baby Development

Boho baby mobile can help foster your baby’s developing motor skills, including when they start following moving objects with their eyes at around 3 months of age. Soon after they start reaching for the objects on the baby mobile and may even try to name a few of the things that they see. During the age of 0 to 3 months, mobiles are one of the main toys and sources of stimulators a baby can use because they can’t grasp objects on their own. Nowadays many parents use the help of screens to develop their motor skills. These mobile phones, television screens, and laptops can damage your baby’s eyesight more than you can think of. You might want your kids to learn the colors and name the objects that they see, but on the opposite, it harms their physical and mental health. At some stage, they begin to get dependent on these screens for their entertainment purposes without knowing it’s harms on them. But if you really want your baby to learn Colors and name things, then the best way is to get a beautiful rainbow baby mobile for your baby. 

The colors rainbow always gives a natural positive and elegant vibe and we assure you that this Boho rainbow baby mobile will create a loving environment around your kids. If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, we assure you that your baby will not keep crying for hours as they usually do at night. These rainbow baby mobiles can help entertain your babies whenever they wake up. Doctors also say that contrasting and muted colors also help in giving your baby a peaceful nap. Choosing to hang this Boho baby mobile over your baby’s crib helps enhance motor skills development over time. When placed at a safe distance, the movement of the mobile toys helps your little one build hand-eye coordination, understand distances as well as gain spatial awareness as they continuously look towards the moving objects in the baby's mobile. 

These moving objects in your baby's Mobile never fail to catch your baby’s eyes. Moreover, the baby's mobile is not a necessary object but it is very useful and sometimes important for your baby’s motor development. Order your favorite baby mobile now and rest your mind at peace. With our priority of safety for your kids, we ensure that this baby mobile will help in developing your baby’s skills and its quality maintain to protect your baby. The fabric over it is very soft to prevent any sort of risk. So, order your special baby mobile from The Boho Culture Co’s office website and experience the best service. 

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