Birth Announcement

Birth announcement discs are much in use nowadays. You may search for gender reveal party decorations, birthday decorations, anniversary decorations, or birth announcement decorations. You need to juggle with different stores to find the perfect Birth announcement decorations for your party. Certainly, there are many stores that offer you all these decorations but The Boho Culture Co is a prominent e-commerce store in Australia. We offer beautiful wooden discs for your birth announcement party. We offer exceptional wood quality without scratches. And our birth announcement signs are without any wooden mites. We offer fine quality, that will not scratch your skin. You can hang these Wood birth announcements in your hallway or doorway with the help of thick threads to make them more look elegant. 

You can write the baby’s name, date of birth, height, and weight on the disc. These wooden birth announcements contain fine and thick plywood. This Birth announcement sign wooden disc that you can send to your friends and family to share your happiness with them can mold the traditional form of birth announcement into elegance. You can send it as a gift to your loved ones who live miles far. You can bring a sign of joy to their face with this elegant piece of Wooden birth announcement disc. Instead of putting effort into cutting papers to create a card for a birth announcement, or instead of finding any other expensive gift to send to your relatives to share the news of the birth of your baby, you can just order these birth announcement elegant wooden piece to send. These will cost much less than any other thing, and at The Boho Culture Co, we provide excellent quality Wooden birth announcements at the lowest price possible. We are a budget-oriented company that serves its high standard of quality to all of the clients.