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Neutral Boho Rainbow Baby Mobile

Neutral Boho Rainbow Baby Mobile

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Our Neutral Boho Rainbow Baby Mobile is handmade with care and love. It is the perfect addition to any nursery.

The unique neutral design allows it to be beautifully unisex. The Boho Culture Co Handmade Baby Mobile provides great visual stimulation for your little ones cognitive growth.

We are committed to supplying the highest quality pieces made with high quality cotton, safe and soft free of foreign odours. 

 •Designed in Australia

• Handmade/Woven

• Dimensions: 55cm l 23cm

• Material - bamboo wooden ring, cotton macrame rainbow, cotton crochet balls, high quality cotton yarn.

Important Information: Baby Mobile Should be Only Use for Decoration! It is Not a Toy, Please Keep Out of Reach of Small Children at All Times.

Important Information: Baby Mobile Should be Only Use for Decoration! It is Not a Toy, Please Keep Out of Reach of Small Children at All Times.

Our baby mobiles can help foster your baby’s development motor skills, including when they start following moving with their eyes at around 3 months of age. Soon after they start reaching for the objects on that baby mobile and may even try to make a few of the things that they see. The use of a baby mobile is especially important between 0 to 3 months. During this time, mobiles are one of the main toys and sources of stimulation a baby can use because they can’t grasp objects on their own. At the Boho Culture Co, we offer bold design Boho Baby Mobile with sharp contrast that tends to capture your baby’s attention the best. 

Moreover, other companies may use sharp edges in the baby mobiles but we keep all the minor details in our mind while creating baby toys or decorations. And for this very purpose, we offer Handmade baby mobile which gives you the least chance to worry for your baby’s safety. You can hang this baby mobile over your baby’s cradle. Since baby mobile seems important at some stage, for decoration purposes or the brain development process, we create baby mobiles in a way that will give only positive memories to your child. The materials in this baby mobile do not contain any such material that will harm your baby in any way, such as glass, iron, etc. The colors are neither too bright nor too dark to harm your baby’s eyes. Our Rainbow baby mobile is very lightweight that certainly prevents any sort of harm even when it falls down. We use beads threads and wood to create this beautiful and adorable piece of baby mobile. The beads and rainbows on this baby mobile are tied firmly. After using this for one baby, you can keep this to use for another baby as well, even after years. Just manage to handle it gently.


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